Do you place callers on hold? You might be shocked to learn that one caller on hold every 5 minutes is 25,000 perfect prospects every single year. That's a lot of impatient people. Some just hang up or google your competitor while they wait. Keep their attention and educate them with HOLD PLUS.

HOLD PLUS creates YOUR custom 'on-hold' radio station :

  • Reduce Hangups
  • Reduce Caller Frustration
  • Increase Caller Satisfaction
  • Prompt Inquiries So You Sell More
  • Address Common Caller Questions
  • Advertise Current Promotions
  • Educate Callers About How You Can Help Them

HOLD PLUS is effective, easy and cheap. $899 per year gives you EVERYTHING you need :

  • On Hold Telephone Messages Customized for YOU
  • ...AND updated up to FOUR times per year
  • World Class Audio Production
  • State-of-the-art Message Player where needed
  • Our "Maintenance Free Guarantee"
  • Licensed Background Music
  • Professional Voice Talent Services
  • Periodic Update Reminders
  • And It's All Risk Free!

Is great customer service worth $899? We already know the answer. HOLD PLUS works. It works VERY well.

Dead silence leaves callers wondering if they were cut off, and the radio is simply free advertising for competitors. With clients in nearly any industry you could name, HOLD PLUS has gotten consistent results for customers like this one :

"We are extremely pleased with HOLD PLUS. Their quality is wonderful, and their customer service is the best in the industry." - Jacquelyn Malone, ISO Management Representative. MSR

WHAT ABOUT GUARANTEES? (there are several) :

Copywriting Guarantee – Our copywriters are experts, with thousands and thousands of scritps written for clients in virtually any industry you could name. That said, in the event of an error, we promise to eat crow and make it right at no cost to you.

"No Fault" Update Guarantee – We will notify you when you're scheduled for a production update. In the event that we don't hear from you, we'll send a second notice two weeks later. If we still don't hear back, we simply plug you into our "auto-update" schedule. Your current production will be remixed in a different order with fresh music.

In the event that you recieve an automatic update and then realize there was something you needed to change, that's ok! There' s no charge for a redo with HOLD PLUS! The bottom line is that we know you're busy and we want to make your service a no-brainer for you.

Voice Guarantee - Our voice acting professionals guarantee accurate voicing and correct pronunciations. In the rare case that there is a mistake, we will fix it, immediately, period!

Equipment Guarantee - Your HOLD PLUS equipment is guaranteed to work perfectly as long as you are a customer. In the event that your player fails, we will replace it at no charge.

Compatibility Guarantee - Virtually all business telephone systems are set up for HOLD PLUS. If there's any doubt, we can look up your phone system or talk to your phone or IT people.

Tech Support Guarantee – Got a problem? CALL US. But we'll be straight with you here. You will almost certainly get the voicemail. Don't despair. We're probably in production. But we check the voicemail frequently and promise to call you back within 24 hours (usually within an hour, actually).

Where to go from here?

Here's how you can talk to a real live human about HOLD PLUS :

Call Dave Weese at 260-489-4212. You WILL get the voicemail! Please leave a message and he will call you back asap (usually just a few minutes).

Alternatively, shoot us an email.