These testimonials are unedited letters from current HOLD PLUS customers. We've removed the company names from these testimonials to prevent our competitors from harassing our customers! If you would like a personal reference you can call, it's no problem! Here's how to contact us.

Hold Plus was a big benefit to us when we changed our company name. It helped us to introduce the new brand/logo to our current customers and to our new customers without having to spend a lot of money to get that message out. - Paul M. Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing

HOLD PLUS is the best advertising money I ever spent - John Woods

HOLD PLUS has added an element of professionalism to our establishment that is unparalleled in the area!  Not only is it professional but the Hold Plus also informs guests of all the great attractions our local community has to offer!  HOLD PLUS is a great investment! - Derrick Sousley, General Manager

I have worked with Premier Media Design, Inc. since 1998.  Since we switched to Hold Plus, we have received compliments on the professionalism of our on-hold messages. Dave Weese and his staff are very organized and professional.  We are reminded when updates to our messages are due.  When we respond with the information for updates on product or business information, Hold Plus promptly produces the new message. They have never missed a deadline for a promised project or service. TOM B. TOWNER, CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER

We are extremely pleased with HOLD PLUS.  Their quality is wonderful, and their customer service is the best in the industry. - Jacquelyn Malone, ISO Management Representative

Although we hate to keep a customer waiting, there is always a short time between a customer’s call and the moment he or she is connected to our sales department. With Hold Plus, instead of being forced to listen to some arbitrary radio station, our customers learn more about the products and services we can provide. Many times, after a short hold, a customer will say “I didn’t know your company could supply that product”, and end up adding to their order! Thanks HOLD PLUS! - Mark S Allen, President

I have been working with Dave Weese for the last three plus years and I will tell you that what he does with the information that is provided to him by me about our store and product is very professional and never wordy. His company gets the product on time and he is always early follow up and never waits for us to contact him. He and his company know how important it is to let customers know what is happing now with out the hard sell. He knows how to plant the seed. - Tony Gagliardo

Just a note to let you know how happy we are with your on hold service.  I do not remember how many year we have been together but it has been many.  Everything you do is timely and accurate.  You are aware of the current promotions and clue me in to the ones that are the most saleable.  There are other companies that provide your service but we will never change because of your excellent service.  - Dave Dell

When you first approached us about handling our on hold messages with HOLD PLUS- I was not sure how it would work or if I was willing to put all the time into thinking up messages and changing them - But it has been the best decision we ever made- we all love the information you put together and you made the scripting so easy.  You even make sure the message is current- what an awesome service.  Thank you from the Armstrong Flowers family.   Sincerely, Vicki NaThalang

Hold Plus and you have been a pleasure to work with. I wish all the vendors I deal with were as professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our requirements as Hold Plus, Many of my Insurance and Mortgage clients have commented about the quality of our Hold Plus Program,and are impressed by the quality of our on hold message. Look forward to many more years of Hold Plus, in our future. - John R. Merlino

We here at Coe Heating & Air Conditioning have dealt with Premier Media for a number of years, and have enjoyed the experience.  They have always been responsive to our needs and easy to work with.  We get a lot of positive comments off of our on hold message which I believe helps our business. - Scott Coe
We have used HOLD PLUS for about 10 or more years now and we feel it really helps get our message and our products and services out to our call in customers.  I don't know how many times we come back to the phones and a customer will say what about this or that based on what they've just heard while being on hold.  Dave is so easy to work with and always gets our data updated and/or changed in a very timely manner.  We are very satisfied with their service.  Tina Caston

Just wanted to thank you for the great service you give us.  I really appreciate the quarterly reminders.  I’ve had several customers comment on how nice the messages are.  Occasionally I hear chuckling on the other end when I get back on line.  A little comedy is good when you’re on hold and then I know they are really listening too.  Because we service both retail and wholesale I have had a few of my wholesale customers call and simply ask to be on hold.  They were obviously impressed so I passed on your info to them.  I hope they called. Thanks again for the quality product and service. - Becky Hoops

It is a pleasure working with Hold Plus.  Dave Weese is always accommodating and uses his knowledge of this type of marketing to guide me in the process of creating the tracks for the most good for the time that our customers will be listening to the “on hold” message.  Although we try hard not to leave our customers on hold for long periods, at least they are learning something new about our product lines while they are waiting.  I would encourage anyone to explore this marketing tool. - John Kiss

For 10 years, Premier Media has partnered with us to provide the Hold Plus service. With professionally developed recordings that are always delivered on time, those who call our offices get to know more about Girl Scouting if they have to be placed on hold while we serve them. - Sherri Weidman

Summit City Bicycles & Fitness has been using hold plus for many years. While it can be difficult to quantify actual sales results from using this service, I can definitely attest to the multitude of customers who comment on the service while they are on hold. Hold Plus allows us to promote our seasonal services as well as our ongoing programs and to reach a customer that we may have never had to opportunity of serving otherwise. In this current economy, every little bit helps and Hold Plus is a nice edge to have. - David Coar

Hold Plus has made a big difference in our practice. We are able to consistently inform patients of news regarding our business, specials and pertinent information for their everyday needs relative to the products and services we provide. - Mark Carter

After several years of using HOLD PLUS we are still impressed with the high level of service and professionalism.  Our patients continue to comment on the value of the information provided during the brief time they spend on hold and appreciate not being forced to listen to music that they don’t like or to an obnoxious radio DJ.  - Douglas Miller

We can always count on Premier to produce a consistently good HOLD PLUS product.  Our patients respond well to the encouraging, friendly voice. - Heather K. Ziembo

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