Free Trial Details

The HOLD PLUS free trial is just as simple as it sounds. Either shoot us an email by clicking here or call the number below to let us know you're interested. We'll call you back to chat for a couple minutes and get to know a bit about your business (if you have a website, you can send us there).

Within a couple days, we will email you a script to review. You let us know if any revisions are needed, and then we lovingly voice and mix your first custom HOLD PLUS production, then send you everything you need to get up and running.

Your custom HOLD PLUS service includes :

  • scripting copywriting
  • audio production services
  • voice talent services
  • licensed background music
  • digital message player (if needed)
  • total satisfaction guarantee

Once your HOLD PLUS service is working, your trial period begins. We'll invoice you net 30. If for any reason you're not totally thrilled, just let us know and we will void the invoice. No big deal. We're nice people. Your HOLD PLUS service agreement is a simple email you type your name into and send back to us to indicate you want to give HOLD PLUS a try.

Still not sure? Well, these testimonials may help. Or call the number below and talk to us!

Here's how you can talk to a real live human about HOLD PLUS :

Call Dave Weese at 260-489-4212. You WILL get the voicemail! Please leave a message and he will call you back asap (usually just a few minutes).

Alternatively, shoot us an email.