Website Development

Here are a few of the sites we've developed :

Our process :

We've been doing Website Development thing since 1998. In most cases, the development process takes about two weeks.

First, we'll ask you to go web-surfing. Look at competitors or related companies sites. When you find a site that makes you say "I wish our website looked like that!", make a note of it. Send us a link or leave us a message.

We know the underlying "code" part of websites and will be able to spec out what it would take to build a site with a similar look and capabilities to the site or sites you are drooling over - and we'll let you know what that would cost.

Typically you're going to have an initial construction cost just like any home improvement, and $600 per year covers hosting and maintainence. Pay attention to this next part :

What makes us different :

You have access to a live human being whom you can call or email anytime if you want to update or modify the site content. Usually whatever you need will be done within a day.

Many of our clients have come to us because of this one feature - they've been burned by "web guy" who is a poor communicator or continually 'cha-chings' them every time he has to lift a finger for half a second... Seriously, we've heard this story over and over and over...

If you really want to log in and edit your own site, of course you can, but hardly anyone does! Shooting us an email, picture, blog link, article, whatever - and then just forgetting about it seems to be preferable for many business owners who have better stuff to do than fiddle with confusing self-service web platforms.

Extras :

If you want to discuss E-Commerce, google business listings, search engine optimization, or ad campaigns, let's talk about it. We'll want to look at your budget and set up a timetable for regularly examining site analytics to see what's working, what's not, and how site content can be tweaked to better funnel visitors to the destinations and behaviors you want to steer them to.