Radio Station Jingle FAQ

Why am I going to present the idea of a jingle to my client, when I make a commission for selling airtime? I'd rather keep their entire budget in airtime.

Simple, you actually make MORE working with Premier offering jingles to your clients :

1) Let's say we provide a Donut / Tag package for $1299.00 based on your referral. We're going to rebate $299.00 BACK TO YOU for a finders fee. That's roughly 23% commission, MORE than the usual 15% commission you get for airtime sales. Obviously you make even more if you sell a full sing package ($500 to be exact!)

2) You can up the ante considerably by offering the jingle FREE. If your client locks in a schedule, you buy the jingle for them at the discounted rate. From their perspective, they get a jingle for free. We've seen stations do this for as little as $2000 airtime commitments, on up to $10,000+. The bottom line is, a free jingle may be just the thing to get your prospect to commit to radio!

3) Finally, don't forget - what's the FIRST thing a business owner does after they've invested in a catchy jingle? AIR IT!!! So just having the jingle in place will tend to increase your airtime sales.

Do I have to turn my client over to you?

No. If you prefer to act as liason to the advertiser, simply get the info we need to do a demo and we'll send you the mp3 of the jingle. We simply ask that you establish that the client has a genuine interest in a jingle and understands the cost options before you put us to work on a demo. Or, you can simply have us contact the advertiser directly.

Can I use the jingle to gain exclusivity with my advertiser?

That's totally up to you! If you want to use the jingle as a tool to induce a prospect to advertise with you exclusively and demonstrate the value of the audience you deliver, no problem. Since advertisers really should keep their advertising consistent across media, we suggest a limited exclusivity window (say, 90 days) which gives you time to demonstrate your impact. Exclusive use on your station in perpetuity is, in our view, counterproductive and doesn't usually serve the customer well.

Can you do branding for our station as well? We're interested in ID tags, sweepers, etc.

Indeed. You'll notice our demo closes with one cut that is a station ID tag. Let us know what you're looking for and let's see if we can make it happen for you.

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